Building awareness and trust around the importance of market research and seeing beyond the immediate benefit

Latest market research makes the headlines, helps in making government policies and it is a source of awareness for the society as a whole.

As general public we are enthusiastic about the outcomes yet unaware of the realities behind it.

I graduated with the computer science degree, back then getting…

Critical Evaluation of Learning Theories in Engineering

My husband Dr Rizwan Saeed Choudhry is an engineering academic with a PhD in mechanical engineering. He has over a decade of teaching experience. He is on a constant lookout for ways to improve student satisfaction and learning enhancements.

He carried out the following review of various learning theories as…

Sumera Rizwan

A vibrant writer with a degree in Computer Sciences. Editor for Illumination Cutared and Technology Hits. Curated by Medium in over 20 different genres.

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