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Its about time!

I should get the bright yellow sun

all to my self

I am willing to share its brightness

yet never let it go

I shall keep it safe in my haven

it will be mine

because I want it

I love it

only I can take care…

Building awareness and trust around the importance of market research and seeing beyond the immediate benefit

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Latest market research makes the headlines, helps in making government policies and it is a source of awareness for the society as a whole.

As general public we are enthusiastic about the outcomes yet unaware of the realities behind it.

I graduated with the computer science degree, back then getting…

The line between them is fine yet visible

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Possessiveness is the second nature of love. family ,friends and relations who care about each other have a particular sense of care and protection for their loved ones.

The purest of all relations like the parent-child bond is also subjected to some sort of possessiveness. I still remember how we…

Spreading lupus awareness by comparing it to the effects of Covid-19

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The epidemic spreading over the past year and a half has made us all a bit more emotional towards the complications of life. …

Critical Evaluation of Learning Theories in Engineering

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My husband Dr Rizwan Saeed Choudhry is an engineering academic with a PhD in mechanical engineering. He has over a decade of teaching experience. He is on a constant lookout for ways to improve student satisfaction and learning enhancements.

He carried out the following review of various learning theories as…

A day of reflection

Image of poetry written by author

Today 23rd March 2021, I write this at 12:01 pm after observing one minute silence in solidarity with those who lost their lives in the Covid-19 pandemic. Exactly a year has passed since the first coronavirus lockdown was announced in United Kingdom. …

Addressing the need of the hour

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Over the past year, most of my writing has been inclined towards the adverse effects of the pandemic. I was disturbed by the number of people who lost their lives and livelihoods. The loneliness and the devastation prevented me from looking beyond.

Trapped in issues like not being able to…

I am a writer and this is what I want

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Writers are not just silent observers. We choose to become the voice for others but today I am writing for ‘us’.

We want acceptance

Professionals, whether postmen, builders, doctors or engineers, are recognized for their work on a daily basis. …

Sumera Rizwan

A vibrant writer with a degree in Computer Sciences. Editor for Illumination Cutared and Technology Hits. Curated by Medium in over 20 different genres.

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