Critical Evaluation of Learning Theories in Engineering

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My husband Dr Rizwan Saeed Choudhry is an engineering academic with a PhD in mechanical engineering. He has over a decade of teaching experience. He is on a constant lookout for ways to improve student satisfaction and learning enhancements.

He carried out the following review of various learning theories as applied to engineering education and came up with some interesting recommendations which I would like to share with my readers.

In recent years there has been a global drive to move away from ‘teacher centred’ to ‘student centred’ learning and teaching approaches in engineering education. This is a result of…

A day of reflection

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Today 23rd March 2021, I write this at 12:01 pm after observing one minute silence in solidarity with those who lost their lives in the Covid-19 pandemic. Exactly a year has passed since the first coronavirus lockdown was announced in United Kingdom. Over the year the UK’s official death toll has risen from 364 to 126,172.

Memories of those days are very clear in my mind, most of the European countries had already gone into lockdown.

March 2020 started with devastating news of ever-increasing Covid spread and death count. …

Addressing the need of the hour

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Over the past year, most of my writing has been inclined towards the adverse effects of the pandemic. I was disturbed by the number of people who lost their lives and livelihoods. The loneliness and the devastation prevented me from looking beyond.

Trapped in issues like not being able to meet friends or family, missing cooking meals with my parents or even being part of special occasions. Little did I know, while I was caught up in my own shell, there were brilliant minds out there looking for a solution.

Just a few weeks back I came across the name

I am a writer and this is what I want

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Writers are not just silent observers. We choose to become the voice for others but today I am writing for ‘us’.

Professionals, whether postmen, builders, doctors or engineers, are recognized for their work on a daily basis. They are respected for what they do but writers must make a breakthrough before they are even acknowledged as working members of society.

We sit, and we dream, but all these thoughts are just the start to a wonderful story, something that might touch your heart, make you smile, get you thinking or even change your future.

No one remembers who created the…

The change awaits

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I am a lupus patient, termed clinically vulnerable. This past year has been full of feelings, fear, anger and isolation being at the top of the list. At times it felt like life was nothing more than covid count the death rate and the lockdowns.

It was a run between wishing for a lockdown when kids had to go to school in extreme pandemic conditions to hoping for some normalization when homeschooling crushed us.

On line grocery shopping was fine for the first couple of months but as time passed I wanted to go out and choose my own stuff…

Environmental concerns, government incentives and the ever-improving models make it a deal to consider

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Although many of us think of electric vehicles as the modern alternative to our existing means of transportation yet the existence of this concept can be traced back to 1830s when a motorized carriage was built by Scotland’s Robert Anderson. This carriage was powered by non-rechargeable primary power cells.

By 1859 the batteries of electric vehicles could be recharged and by 1884 Thomas Parker helped deploy electric-powered trams and built prototype electric cars in England.

In the U.S., the first successful electric car made its debut around 1890 thanks to William Morrison, a chemist who lived in Des Moines, Iowa…

A single icy crystal that has achieved a sufficient size yet negligible on its own

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Today is a beautiful snowy day and I stand glaring at the magnificent scene outside. Each little snowflake sets itself on the ground hardly visible at first but within minutes the whole surface becomes white and fluffy.

The single crystalized beauty by its self is too tiny simply negligible yet together they form the surface bright and gleamy enhancing every corner where they settle.

We writers are like these snowflakes, on our own we all have our distinct beauties like the patterns of each snowflake yet our visibility and existence depends solely on each other. …

A writers treasure

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9 Months ago, Medium was only another blogging platform. I just wrote a piece pressed publish and it was online available for the world to read. I found this very appealing, no website or blog formation cost, no waiting time. You just write it and share.

I was not a professional writer, but I loved to write and share my views. Initially, I wanted to see what my words were worth but as time passed, I developed some strong connections and a network of writer friends that kept me going, even when I didn’t feel like it.

The journey here…

Simple lives in comparison to the modern world

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Recycling and upcycling have seemed to attract tremendous hype in the modern world but to be honest they were a vital part of our daily lives in developing countries even decades ago.

Later we started choosing ease over effort and ourself over everything else.

Here I will discuss some simple environmentally friendly practices which were very common as we grew up and will compare them with how things have changed over the years.

It scares me to think about the drastic changes taking effect in just over a couple of decades. …

Sumera Rizwan

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